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Structural Integration | The Rolf Method

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Structural Integration Therapy (Also known as Rolfing) is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement re-education. After treatments clients may experience dramatic improvement in posture, feel taller and lighter. Often breathing feels easier, awareness of one's body is increased and pain is relieved.

Structural Integration

Unique in its aim, Structural Integration/The Rolf Method addresses segments of the body (torso, limbs, joints, soft tissue, spine) in a series of 10 sessions to achieve balance and length, often resulting in improved posture and decreased pain that results from chronic holding patterns.

Common benifits include better posture, easier breathing, relief of chronic soft tissue pain, awareness of posture and movement patterns, breaking down of scar tissue and more effective movement. Traditionally this therapy has been popular with dancers and athletes who want to improve performance and recover from injuries.

Structural Integration has it's focus on the fascia, a network of support within the human structure that modern scientific research is finding to be our richest sensory organ. The sensory receptors in fascia directly effect muscle tone and circulation patterns. Due to its rich supply of mechanoreceptors, the fascia informs us of our internal environment: holding patterns, posture, where we are in space.


Fascia wraps all of our muscles and is found as a continuous network from our heads to our toes.

Sessions: What to expect

In this series of ten treatments each 90 minute session is unique. Cost is $170 per treatment.

Session 1 - Breath and the Ribcage
Ease in breathing is fundamental to a balanced structure. The ribcage works with the head, neck, shoulder girdles, chest and back in bringing space to the lungs.

Session 2 - Support Through the Feet
Any support rests on a solid foundation. For some the feet are a primary source of pain, for others it is necessary to prepare the lower leg for the changes that will come in the pelvis.

Session 3 - Length up the Sides
Lengthening the sides means opening up the space between the lower ribs and the pelvis. The low-back, often a source of imbalance, can find a freedom of movement and a greater sense of ease.

Session 4 - Opening the Bottom of the Core
The core begins at the inner arch and continues up through the pelvic floor along the anterior spine to the head and neck. Session 4 works with the arch, inner leg and pelvic floor to achieve a 'base' of support for everything above it.

Session 5 - Continuing Through the Pelvis
Every Structural Integration session tries to 'horizontalize the pelvis.' In session five, we focus completely on this goal by opening the hips and lower belly. New found movement through the pelvis is a wonderfully grounded feeling.

Session 6 - Giving Space to Sacrum
As the pelvis opens from below and through the front, the Sacrum in the back has started to feel a new sense of potential. This 'sacred bone' is really the bottom of the spine and by giving it space, the spine can start to feel longer and more free.

Session 7 - How the Head Balances it All
Now that the pelvis is more settled, we must balance the 'upper pole' over it. The head, neck and chest need their own sense of direction and support for the system to feel complete.

Session 8 - Integration Begins
Now that the body is more aligned in gravity, we must give it dynamic balance. We start to revisit areas of particular stress to promote a greater ease of movement across the whole system.

Session 9 - Integration Across the Body
Motion through the body is best balanced when it crosses to the other side of the body. This 'contra-lateral' movement gives fluidity and power to the body.

Session 10 - Balance the Horizontals
The ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, shoulders and cranium are sections of the body where movement gets restricted. Session ten looks to bring the balance of the series to a close by opening and leveling these horizontals.

About Me

Hi, my name is Marla Savoie. Thank you for your interest in my website and Structural Integration.

I completed my training through The Guild for Structural Integration in 2010. The Guild is committed to the work pioneered by the late Ida Rolf, a PH.D. biochemist who believed strongly in looking at structure and function of the body in gravity and the role of manipulating the fascia or connective tissue structure in restoring greater ease and movement. I have been fortunate enough to live on the beautiful, healing island of Kauai, Hawaii where I learned from one of the oldest masters of this craft and one of Ida Rolf's original students.

My approach to working with individuals in achieving their goals is both grounded in a strong clinical science background and conversely my spiritual surrender to the innate intelligence that organizes, maintains and heals the body. In this sense I bring my education to common muscular and soft tissue problems but I also believe that bringing conscious awareness to and unblocking held or "stuck" areas allows this natural healing force to work.

We are not just a combination of physiological processes and anatomical parts, there is a life force much greater behind all these functions. In committing to this series of deep, intentional manual manipulation you can intentionally bring this awareness to the unique changes you need to make in order to function with more ease and less pain. I hope to be effective at facilitating this process should you chose to work with me.

BC Registered Massage Therapist

Practicing Massage Therapist since 1998

Member in good standing, Massage Therapists' Association of BC

Member, International Association of Structural Integrators

Member, Fascia Research Society

Bachelor of Arts~Religious Studies, University of Saskatchewan

Spruce Body Lab

1128 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC

My practice is located in the heart of Yaletown at the luxury day spa, Spruce Body Lab. No oils are used so you remain clothed in comfortable undergarments or bathing suit. I will examine your posture from all angles and design treatments exclusively based on your individual needs, targeting problem areas in order for you to achieve the most benefit from each session.

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